Sunday, June 24, 2012

THE MARKET - 9 Effective Ways as Amazon Market to Increase Blog Visitors & Revenue

This ebook is written to share 9 effective ways as Amazon Market to Increase Blog Visitors & Revenue. This is important, the visitors and their traffic make blog life and dynamic and also to increase opportunity to get more money as result of monetize the blog as market place.

This ebook is presented in a systematic approach. We present with examples, chart and tables to make easy to read. And more interesting that these ways are implemented with the Amazon link tool. So we link between the concept itself and implementation as Amazon seller.

All these 9 effective ways have potential to increase visitors and revenue to the blog. You can implement these ways one by one or parallel base on your situation.

The important thing from the Amazon is as the largest online retailer. And have so many product categories that can be choose and sold. And it’s great that Amazon facilitate detail report, so I can share so many reports that can be used to review our sales program or link program.

So all these and to be Amazon seller will support to have blog not just as sharing information or article but also expand to be market place. 

Price US$ 4, payment by paypall or alertpay and to order please send email to : The ebook in pdf format and will deliver to your email.

The ebook available too in Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu, Payloadz.

Monday, June 18, 2012

THE MARKET - Reflect from Competitor to Increase Blog Visitors

Compare the Amazon products that you sell with the competitor. Here's one the book Project Management Body of Knowledge which is same title that sell in Amazon and Barnes&Noble. I did query at the same time. So from the image below we look at the difference price for this book. You can do the same for the products that you like.

That's the market the price can be different for same items. There are so many variables related with product price. But what ever it is, we concern to visitors interest. By giving the comparison visitors look at you objective and smart.

What happen if your affiliate products always less price or less value than competitor. That's reflection and feedback to you to follow up so you are still in the market.

THE MARKET - Follow the Trend to Increase Blog Visitors

Amazon provide the menu best seller products for each category. This is indicator flow of market and trend. we can choose the best seller products than sell in my blog. With this approach update your blog as follow trend and visitors have perception you are on the track in the market. And visitors receive benefit to visit blog base on update trend in the market. 

Other approach is to build blog that focus on this best seller products. So all products that promote are following trend. Combine with article, brief and product review.  This is more focus to the products than follow by creating articles that related. 

Combine too with effort to create article with topic and key word that have potency to be top rank in searching by search engine. So this is opportunity to increase new blog visitors came to the blog and provide the best product in the category.

THE MARKET - Sell Your Competence to Increase Blog Visitors

This is most important one, if I want to build my blog to be a market. I must have something to be sell or share to others and its depend with my competence. I must sell stuff that related with my best competence. This means I can sell or share something that give added value to visitors. Something that can be compete with others or as an unique one.

If you share about blog at least you are expert and have built the blog. If you share about ebook at least you are expert or you have experience to create ebook and sell your ebook in online store. So you have knowledge, skill and experience. That's the competency and your visitors / client know  that you just not share concept but you have implemented it. The market realize that you are competent, you are capable person. This is mechanism to built trust.

With your competence you have and master for the content. So you can allocate more your resources for packaging, communicating and selling. You have more time to give concern and communicate with your market. Than you can combine with products that be provided by Amazon. Base on your competency you know what is products suit for the visitors. This is closer to your goal.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

THE MARKET - Market Moment to Increase Blog Visitors

End of Year, Christmas or other holidays season are the day that visitors give gift to others. This is the time prepare the store provide products suit the moments.

Below data finance Amazon from Yahoo finance. If we review Amazon revenue period Q3 2011 and Q4 2011 as show at below table, the revenue increase 61%. This data indicate significant increase sales at this moment. So it is important to prepare products that suit with the moment.

On Christmas Day, Amazon said, more people activated new Kindles and bough more e-book than any other day in the company's history. Kindle (WI-Fi) and Kindle 3G devices were the best-seller products on Amazon this holiday season, the company said.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

THE MARKET - Amazon Product Review to Increase Blog Visitors

When we came to mall or market, there are so many various products or services. Some product with same functional but with different quality or price. Same with internet market, so many products to be offered with various quality and price. So this can make visitors confuse to decide for transaction. In internet especially in the blog can challenge this by giving product review.

To prepare product review need to know technical specification of product. These are like capacity, speed, response time and others specific product technical specification. This is important to determine performance and product limitation.

But more important than that is how to communication to visitors in your product review. They don't focus on technical specification. They need more to know benefit of this products for them. To face this, need communicate by human language not technical language. Like computer technical specification in term of hardisk capacity that can communicate with capacity 100 Gbytes and so on, but more effective if we communicate this that the computer have ability to save thousand of working files, video files or their favorites song files. In term of computer cpu speed can communicate them that if they use this computer to upload their video file it will have no lag.

So when visitor site visit to our blog and read the review, they feel that you communicate using their language the benefit language. This is easier for them to understand and support to decide for transaction. And you can combine this with Amazone products that suit with your review.

THE MARKET - Product Recommendation to Increase Blog Visitors

We can recommend amazon products by using Amazon My Favorites widget. What you feel or what you think about the product you can share to everyone. The specific product can be searched and added to this widget. You can add comment in this widget. The widget layout and color  can be customized to suit your blog. I choose the width 300 px to suit my blog and match with other widget.

I think this is important to follow your popular article content. In my blog I write about to increase blog visitors and I create widget that show an ebook from Amazon that suit with this article. So after read article and visitors need more reference can directly access the products. Below I show you when I create article related with social media websites and I create too the suit widget about related with social media websites.

Some visitors need to deep the popular article content and others give comments to the article. These all indicate need more detail information, so its better to follow up this not just by replay comment to them but also give ebook or product recommendation. They can directly to look at your recommendation and do transaction. So you try to align your feel and your thought with what to be challenge for your visitors through this widget.

This is the time what visitors buying emotional in high level and they feel experience that they visit to your blog as knowledge place and market place. They feel experience end to end approach. Visitors think the blog can give added value. And I can challenge the issue and get cash inflow to my account too.