Saturday, June 9, 2012

THE LINK - Top 10 Social Media Websites To Increase Blog Visitors


This ebook is written to share top 10 social media website to increase the blog visitors. This is important, the visitors and their traffic make blog life and dynamic also to increase opportunity to get more money as result of monetize the blog.

This ebook is presented in a systematic approach. We present with examples, chart and tables to make easy to read. And more interesting that the  ebook facilitated with data statistics to determine the opportunity from these top 10 social media website. The content refer to my  explore all these website. 

All these social media websites have potential to increase visitors to the blog. But not all social media website match with your blog content. Some have content that match with your blog content but other can’t. So we need go more detail and determine through statistic data.
Than we need to know how to access this website and introduce our blog and manage the websites feature to access the community and invite to our blog. Base on this we have more opportunity to invite more visitors from these top 10 social media web sites.

Price US$ 4, payment by paypall or alertpay and to order please send email to : The ebook in pdf format and will deliver to your email.

The ebook available too in Amazon, Smashwords, thecontentbazaar, Lulu, Payloadz.


  1. I'm starting to explore some of those sites and learning little by little thru time. Thank you for sharing those info, Wali. Wishing success for you!

  2. Thanks Eric...hope to be more traffic to your blog..success for you too..