Friday, June 15, 2012

THE MARKET - Amazon Product Alignment to Increase Blog Visitors

One of the approach to increase effectiveness of your blog as a market is to link the blog with match products from Amazon. I create widget and eStore that link to my blog and choose product computer, book that relate with my blog. Also I choose beauty because so many of my friend in blogger with background fashion. So base on this we can provide the product with those category.
To implement those I choose eStore widget and set up eStore itself. By eStore widget can link and display products from eStore. You can configure layout and select color widget.  Below preview will find HTML code and can be copied and pasted to the blog. 
For the eStore can customize the content and setting as you like. You will be informed the tracking ID and aStore URL. I set the category that match with the blog as be shown below.
Base on this approach, there is alignment between blog and Amazon product. The visitors that visit the blog and look at to the Amazon products will find the products that synergy with the blog. So visitors will have perception the blog as a place that not just have benefit in term of blog content but also can search or buy the amazon product that match with the blog.

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