Sunday, June 24, 2012

THE MARKET - 9 Effective Ways as Amazon Market to Increase Blog Visitors & Revenue

This ebook is written to share 9 effective ways as Amazon Market to Increase Blog Visitors & Revenue. This is important, the visitors and their traffic make blog life and dynamic and also to increase opportunity to get more money as result of monetize the blog as market place.

This ebook is presented in a systematic approach. We present with examples, chart and tables to make easy to read. And more interesting that these ways are implemented with the Amazon link tool. So we link between the concept itself and implementation as Amazon seller.

All these 9 effective ways have potential to increase visitors and revenue to the blog. You can implement these ways one by one or parallel base on your situation.

The important thing from the Amazon is as the largest online retailer. And have so many product categories that can be choose and sold. And it’s great that Amazon facilitate detail report, so I can share so many reports that can be used to review our sales program or link program.

So all these and to be Amazon seller will support to have blog not just as sharing information or article but also expand to be market place. 

Price US$ 4, payment by paypall or alertpay and to order please send email to : The ebook in pdf format and will deliver to your email.

The ebook available too in Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu, Payloadz.

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