Saturday, June 16, 2012

THE MARKET - Amazon Product Review to Increase Blog Visitors

When we came to mall or market, there are so many various products or services. Some product with same functional but with different quality or price. Same with internet market, so many products to be offered with various quality and price. So this can make visitors confuse to decide for transaction. In internet especially in the blog can challenge this by giving product review.

To prepare product review need to know technical specification of product. These are like capacity, speed, response time and others specific product technical specification. This is important to determine performance and product limitation.

But more important than that is how to communication to visitors in your product review. They don't focus on technical specification. They need more to know benefit of this products for them. To face this, need communicate by human language not technical language. Like computer technical specification in term of hardisk capacity that can communicate with capacity 100 Gbytes and so on, but more effective if we communicate this that the computer have ability to save thousand of working files, video files or their favorites song files. In term of computer cpu speed can communicate them that if they use this computer to upload their video file it will have no lag.

So when visitor site visit to our blog and read the review, they feel that you communicate using their language the benefit language. This is easier for them to understand and support to decide for transaction. And you can combine this with Amazone products that suit with your review.

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