Monday, June 18, 2012

THE MARKET - Sell Your Competence to Increase Blog Visitors

This is most important one, if I want to build my blog to be a market. I must have something to be sell or share to others and its depend with my competence. I must sell stuff that related with my best competence. This means I can sell or share something that give added value to visitors. Something that can be compete with others or as an unique one.

If you share about blog at least you are expert and have built the blog. If you share about ebook at least you are expert or you have experience to create ebook and sell your ebook in online store. So you have knowledge, skill and experience. That's the competency and your visitors / client know  that you just not share concept but you have implemented it. The market realize that you are competent, you are capable person. This is mechanism to built trust.

With your competence you have and master for the content. So you can allocate more your resources for packaging, communicating and selling. You have more time to give concern and communicate with your market. Than you can combine with products that be provided by Amazon. Base on your competency you know what is products suit for the visitors. This is closer to your goal.


  1. I agree, one must offer service or sell products related to one's competency. Another important info to consider. Just dropping by again today! Success to you!