Wednesday, May 30, 2012

THE LINK - Increase Blog Visitors - Twitter

Twitter is the 3rd best social media websites. This website was created by Jag Dorsey and launched in Jul 2006.

From table show in other article the total visits to the websites is 49 619 291 and visits share 1.90% for data with position week ending May 26, 2012. The data source from web site So it's clear if we want to increase visitors to our blog need to link the blog to twitter.

The main content focus to email & messaging & search engines online communities. From doubleclick ad planner search this side at the beginning of Jun 2012 we find audience interests table that show in the below table. Base on this table we can review our blog content and compare with this audience interest.

In term of demographic from the chart below we conclude dominant of user have characteristic with age between 35 - 44 old, gender male 55%, education some college 40% and household income $25 000 - $ 49 999 with number 39%. 

Link the blog to Twitter can refer to this article.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

THE LINK - Increase Blog Visitors - Facebook

Facebook is the best social media websites. This website was found by Mark Zuckerberg and launched in Feb 2004 by Facebook, inc.

From table below show the total visits to the websites is 1 642 060 274 and visits share 62.72% for data with position week ending May 26, 2012. The data source from web site So it's clear if we want to increase visitors to our blog need to link the blog to facebook.

The main content focus to email & messaging, social networks and web appls & online tools. From doubleclick ad planner search this side at the beginning of Jun 2012 we find audience interests table that show in the below table. Base on this table we can review our blog content and compare with this audience interest.

In term of demographic from the chart below we conclude dominant of user have characteristic with age between 35 - 44 old, gender male 52%, education some college 42% and household income $50 000 - $ 74 999 with number 36%. 

Link the blog to facebook can refer to this article.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lesson Learnt from the Best

Lesson Learnt is lesson from our experience or other person experience and be our knowledge and inspire to do the subject with better quality. So we have optimum result with minimize the risk and maximize the return.

To achieve goal, dream, what you will be in future is important. But some time don't know how, lesson learnt is answer. Some time don't know the road to success and where the position is, lesson learnt give the advice. Lesson learnt like light in the dark. Lesson learnt is success tracking to keep the way on the track. It gives the benchmark to what to do. 

Some time frustrated, hopeless and afraid with what the current condition, lesson learnt give motivation and hope. Others, too ambitious, too aggressive, too much resources be allocated, lesson learnt be benchmark and see what the risk will be faced.

Lesson learnt means to learn the success story and implement this to your next better success story and easier. Lesson learnt means too to learn the worst story and this is important how to avoid the risk and saving so many resources to achieve the dream.

Lesson learnt from the Best, know their success tracking and follow with action plan and follow their success. We can create our own success road but that's no easy, full challenge need high mental energy and it could be find better way than others or could be fail too. Don't know the success track yet, need to know first the right track than follow by action. With learnt from the Best at least know tract, know the concept or solution so more effective to allocate the resources and more focus to action plan.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

eBook : 9 Ways to increase Blog Visitors


This book is written to share 9 methods to increase the blog traffic. This is important, the visitors and their traffic make blog life and dynamic also to increase opportunity to get more money  as result of monetize the blog.

This ebook is presented in a systematic approach. We present with examples, chart and tables to make easy to read. The  ebook content refer to my  experience when we search, review and implementation all the methods. This is the approach to increase the accuracy of this ebook.

All parts are focus on effort to increase visitors to the blog. Some is easy to implement, some need time to review the result and other need support simple math to support the calculation. I give example and share some quantitative data to make understand easier. 

Price US$ 9 , payment by paypall or alertpay and to order please send email to : The ebook in pdf format and will deliver to your email. For you buy this book, I give free consultancy 1 hour about the ebook subject.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 9 - Commitment to Visitors

Since publish the blog, the visitors is the first priority. The challenge is this is just statement or commitment. I tried to list down some activities below related with interaction with visitors, especially the visitor that have web site too or have relationship in the community.

I list down the activities and how long time I need to do the activities. These activities are activities that I did to visitors. Activities vote its mean I give vote to my visitors in their community. Activity joint google it's mean I come to their web site and to joint their blog.

The time request, I put base on average result from same sampling. And the activities like vote not just the time request for voting but also the page to enter the community, login, access the menu and others that need. The result can give different result depend on response time, community menu itself and others.

The table below I sort base on the quality level of relationship with visitors. The activity like followers will give impact more close relationship compare to just vote. Leave quality message at the visitors blog article give the most close relationship to the visitors and have possibility to create loyal relationship. And this is need more time.

I review these activities and try calculate for 100 visitors. And assume I want to have good quality relationship so I choose the activity no.5 leave quality message. That's need 100 * 20 minutes = 2000 minutes equivalent with 33.3 hours. So in a month for 100 visitors at least every day I allocate my time around 1 hour just for my visitors. This is not include other activity to support visitors like maintain blog, fine tune the design, monitor trafiic and others that make visitors more comfortable.

That's commitment: give priority, give attention, allocate time and interaction with visitors.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

ebook Trend - part 8 - THE DECISION

To have smart decision need input good quality information. Here some charts that related with ebook trend. The information I search from resources that mentioned in this article.

Here the chart refer to Bowker Market Research's Global eBook Monitor. This survey result was conducted at early of 2012, among online population with minimum samples 1000 respondes per country.

This geography figure tell us country that most have awareness of and downloading paid for ebooks is India, next Australia, UK and USA. 

In general male more dominant as ebook buyers with exception for UK & USA which female more dominant.

In term off age, 25-34 is the major buyers penetration.

Here table from from Pew Research that show the US e-book readers demography characteristics.

In term of gender % of the book readers male is more than female. This is for book readers not for awareness and downloading paid. So can't compare to the Bowker above data.

In term of education, the % inline with educational attainment.

The household income inline too, higher % for higher income.

So, from these information and others that we have can decide which segment you will prioritize and need allocate more resources than others. Base on these data we can classify the market segment base on geography and demography.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 8 - Make Your Blog Eye Catching

To have eye catching blog, I make my blog to be no. 1 in google search engine. Below Wali Share Blog is no. 1 by search using key words ebook trend at this time from about 123 000 000 result. 

First of all, before create title need to check first the popularity of this title. We can just search from Google than we get how money result. From this we can anticipate how tough the competition to be at top rank. More result is given by google search more tough the competition is. So we can simulate first the title impact than we decide.

The success key is choose key word that you want to create to dominate. You need to create some article related with this key words until you find the goal be the top one. I create eBook Trend article until 7 article plus other article talk about eBook.  So makes this key word to be familiar with my blog. More often you submit your article more eye catching your blog for search engine and place your blog in top page. Again focus is powerful. More focus we get more powerful.

In term of headlines, you can add the word make controversy, give add value, empathy or strategic words. So these words are quality word that make attention catching from viewers. You can combine by creating the headlines using font and color that attractive.

In article itself need insert image, chart or graph to catch visitor attention. Image make the visitors attention  more focus to your article. It is important to choose image that have close relationship with the article. At the chart or graph you can put mark with attractive icon to get attention catching from viewers. Combination text and match image make variation to keep visitors attention.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 7 - Focus, Focus, Focus to Customer

What ever you do with your blog, focus on customer. I can build blog overnight, but to have significant traffic that's other story. That's important to focus to visitors. That's not easy to attract them to look at you, aware you or  give their attentions and time for you. Why should they do it for you? So the approach is from their site. We are focus in them, we know them, we know what they want from the blog. This is like bridge to make you link with them. Once we know, we can offer what they want.

You can use any tools that provide to look at and review your viewers. From blogger itself have google analytic, flag counter,  Feedjit or others. These tool provide quantitative number that you can analyse and take conclusion what the viewers want.

I gave the chart below that shown some article have page view with number more than others. So it indicates what viewers want. And that's what we plan and to do, create other article part 2 or some thing related with that article. We don't know exactly what really they want, it's so many variable outside there but from the past or current situation we can predict and deliver to them. The important thing is you need to priority your effort and time for this activity than others. 1 day only 24 hours so need to prioritize and allocate significant time for customer.

Focus on customer not just give what they want but also can give more than what they want. When viewers vote you, you can give vote back them plus add to be follower. If they request to be your friend, you can add as your friend plus give comment to their site. If they give comment to your site, you can give comment to their site plus give your attention to their affiliate / business and so on .. plus.. plus. So many things can do to give more than their expectation.

Some customer give back to you like you do or maybe more than what you do to them, it is important to give back more than what they do so it can be racing and go to have good traffic. If they do just the same and you give more at least give impress them and store positive deposit.  This relationship could be foundation for loyal traffic. So again focus to customer is top priority.

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 6 - Change Your Strategy

Blog strategy is some thing you decide that have major impact to the goal of your blog. It brings your blog life from 0 to go to what you want. The strategy can be changed and adapt when your goal or blog stages change.

Below is the sample of changing the strategy impact to the number of visitors. 

At stage 1, this is the phase develop the  blog. So focus on define layout, design, choose template and other activity until the blog ready for submitting articles. Focus on blog develop not to accumulate visitors. At this stage the number visitors is low. Strategy is to build and develop blog.

At stage 2, start to invite visitors. One of the strategy could be using automatically surf to attract viewers. This is artificial but can give page view to be growth. 

At stage 3, the blog to be registered for affiliate so the automatically facility to be taken out. And the number of visitors to be dropped and low again. Again strategy need to be changed because change of the blog goal.

At stage 4, strategy to increase visitors change by promote blog to community. This strategy to be implemented by giving more than 1000 votes to the community. And visitor growth again.

This show that need change of strategy to bring the the blog go to the goal. Next strategy need to be defined and be prepared. It could be same strategy with stage 4 but combine with multiple factor. The strategy could be implement to other community or giving other 1000 votes. Or deepening to existing visitors that have been voted or votes your existing visitors network. It's depend with the blog goal. Other strategy could priority vote for recent bloggers in community, vote base on category or you can combine. The important thing the strategy can be traced and quantify ending result. So many choices in building blog. Life is building choices.

Again to growth need change include your strategy.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 5 - Success Vote Rate # 1 is United States

Once you've decided to joint to the communities, you can create an account to be member. I have chosen to joint the  blogger community This web site has facilities like vote, add friend, add follower, best blogger, recent blogger and bloggers by country. As member you have your own dashboard and you can see your profile, activities, friends and people.

This community have vote facility so you can start communicate by other member. What I want to share in this article about my experience how effective our vote base on vote back us. I have experience to vote bloggers from some country. I choose  some countries that their people have been access to my blog. I gave vote up to 120 bloggers of each country or 10 pages vote effort . Some country have number of blogger less than 120 so I vote until maximal number. The key point is about success vote rate, what I define due to this rate is the number of blogger that I vote divide with the number of blogger that voted me back.

This is the result :

From the table, some country have bloggers less than 120 in this community so I put the maximum number that available. At the right column I calculate the rate. 

We see with the number of blogger that I voted 120 votes, the United States gave the highest success vote rate. So from this I can conclude to have more effective relationship and traffic opportunity I will vote more blogger from US, next India and others base on the rank. Of course this is personal statistic with limitation of sampling, time and so on. But at least I have some rational approach that make me believe what I do more effective and efficient.  

We can expand the  review with success friend rate or success follower rate.  Success friend rate I define compare between number blogger to be friend and number of blogger vote back. Success follower rate is comparing between number blogger to be follower and number of blogger vote back. Further we can request to joint the site and give comment to the blog or article.

Again this is my personal opinion, you may have other creative formula and different sampling or result but at least we have rational behind to do more productive. Did with this sampling and statistic I need around three days full time to focus in. We have time limitation 24 hours per day. I can't access to the database so I calculate manual and one by one. Although we are full time blogger it's smart to allocate in more productive way. I will vote again US blogger around 100 votes to have 6 - 7 votes back. Further, these visitors rate will be input for business formula.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 4 - Web Submitter

Blog traffics depend on how visitors recognize our blog. Commonly they search web site use a search engine by entering specific keywords. That's important to register the blog to various search engines.

Registration can be done to each search engine, but it is certainly not efficient. A more productive way of registering can be done through Submitter Web. By this approach register can reach 40 up to 50 search engines at once. 

The submitter Web that's provide this facilities like:

Below the template registration number of blogs to search engines by using the site freewebsubmission. The registration can be done efficiently, does not need to register your site one by one to each search engine. 

Most search engines accept applications directly when you submit for your blog, some ask for confirmation first. Confirmation sent to your email.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 3 - Don't Go to Popular Site for Blogwalking

Blogwalking is concept to site visit to other blog. You can go to one blog, look at the blog, read article and give comment. You attach your blog domain and hope your blog will be visited too. Blogwalking for popular site with so huge incoming visit is good for brand image. You have opportunity that many visitors will see your blog domain name too. But in term of the visit back I don't realy sure they will visit back my blog. This is what I mean with the title. With huge incoming visit need to challenge them will they have time and concern to reply post and visit to our blog. I have tried to enter some popular sites and they said please leave comment but have no commitment to replay, if no busy or other argue  will reply.

Blogwalking is concept not just to introduce your domain blog. This is concept how you can deliver add value to them. You give to other blog traffic, page view, vote, be as friend, be as follower and hope they will do the same to your blog. And you do these activities not just ones may be twice and more. And I think the popular site have not enough time to do the same with what you can do to them. 

To add value can be as giving assistance, help their problem or give advice to increase the blog quality. I think the popular site have ability and quality to improve the blog so no need feedback. If they need I think we need advice them with high quality feedback and this is not easy to create and inform them. Maybe you need team and other resource to create this.

So why don't go to unpopular site and give so many added value to them. And you win their concern and you get more traffic. If can solve their problem, opportunity to have loyal viewer.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Increase Visitor to the Blog - part 2 - Define your Blog Target Market

Define target market is the  business success key. To know target market and find them, the blog traffic will increase significantly. This is what the dream of bloggers. But most bloggers give up because of the low traffic and viewers. It is easy to build blog but need hard work to have good traffic.

Target market can be defined by geography, demography, lifestyle, or others or combination. For example  if your blog related with infolink it should be that your viewers have geography from US & Canada because the advertiser commonly came from US & Canada. Geography is too wide, need to define more specific like base on jobs specification, gender, age, hobby and others. With define this target market more specific have opportunity to create blog more specific and match with this target market. We define the articles that have close relationship with the target market. If blog joint with Amazone, should choose to sell the books that related with the target market. The blog to be designed with style that match too with the target market. So with define target market specific can define the blog more specific too and match with target market. This approach have opportunity to create communication and special relationship and increase traffic.

After define target market need to find where the location of the prospect. Need to search where does community of the prospect. This community can be searched through facebook, twitter, google+ and others. With the search engine machine can search base on product, transaction and services so it has opportunity to find prospect community, forum or group discussion.  

To indicate opportunity of huge traffic, need to review community characteristic, find the most popular subject,  look at how interaction between community members and others. We can introduce our product  that have characteristic that match with the popular subject. If we don’t have, need modify our existing product / services / blog / article to be something more benefit to them. They don’t care to understand us they concern more to what they need. You win If you know and win their concern.

When find the community web site, need to review the characteristic. One alternative to know by using doubleclick ad planner. Thanks to this website, can see further to analyse the prospect. In this web site can put the website domain and see the data related with traffic, gender, age, household income, education and others.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 1 - Bookmark

To increase visitors, the Blog need to be introduced to the prospect. One of the approach is to submit the blog article to  bookmark social. When prospect view article blog and interest to read the article at that bookmark social than have possibility to look at around and access your blog.

One of popular bookmark social is slashdot. This domain has been established more than 14 years. Listed in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. From check page rank, the rank is 8. Others like,, are popular bookmark too.

The important thing to be considered when joint to the bookmark social  is some website add attribute No-Follow for the member. Due to Wikipidea,  the link  should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index

So with submit the article follow above website we get additional traffic and free back link. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Create eBook by EPUB

To create eBook can use EPUB facilities. The process can be done by converting your file which is in Microsoft Word format by using facility at web books site. The conversion facility provide demo version. In making the conversion process is also provided ebook cover. It provides upload facility too for image. Upload your Microsoft Word format files than the system will process. After process done you can down load the ebook.


This ebook file format .epub. To be able to read this ebook can use the facility Adobe digital.