Thursday, May 17, 2012

ebook Trend - part 8 - THE DECISION

To have smart decision need input good quality information. Here some charts that related with ebook trend. The information I search from resources that mentioned in this article.

Here the chart refer to Bowker Market Research's Global eBook Monitor. This survey result was conducted at early of 2012, among online population with minimum samples 1000 respondes per country.

This geography figure tell us country that most have awareness of and downloading paid for ebooks is India, next Australia, UK and USA. 

In general male more dominant as ebook buyers with exception for UK & USA which female more dominant.

In term off age, 25-34 is the major buyers penetration.

Here table from from Pew Research that show the US e-book readers demography characteristics.

In term of gender % of the book readers male is more than female. This is for book readers not for awareness and downloading paid. So can't compare to the Bowker above data.

In term of education, the % inline with educational attainment.

The household income inline too, higher % for higher income.

So, from these information and others that we have can decide which segment you will prioritize and need allocate more resources than others. Base on these data we can classify the market segment base on geography and demography.

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