Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lesson Learnt from the Best

Lesson Learnt is lesson from our experience or other person experience and be our knowledge and inspire to do the subject with better quality. So we have optimum result with minimize the risk and maximize the return.

To achieve goal, dream, what you will be in future is important. But some time don't know how, lesson learnt is answer. Some time don't know the road to success and where the position is, lesson learnt give the advice. Lesson learnt like light in the dark. Lesson learnt is success tracking to keep the way on the track. It gives the benchmark to what to do. 

Some time frustrated, hopeless and afraid with what the current condition, lesson learnt give motivation and hope. Others, too ambitious, too aggressive, too much resources be allocated, lesson learnt be benchmark and see what the risk will be faced.

Lesson learnt means to learn the success story and implement this to your next better success story and easier. Lesson learnt means too to learn the worst story and this is important how to avoid the risk and saving so many resources to achieve the dream.

Lesson learnt from the Best, know their success tracking and follow with action plan and follow their success. We can create our own success road but that's no easy, full challenge need high mental energy and it could be find better way than others or could be fail too. Don't know the success track yet, need to know first the right track than follow by action. With learnt from the Best at least know tract, know the concept or solution so more effective to allocate the resources and more focus to action plan.


  1. Keep on going, keep on studying. We might fail for a moment but we must go on and sooner or later, after we have learned the right stuff, we will reach that road to victory! Success to you Wali!

  2. Thanks are right ..we must forward to the success..Success for you too..