Tuesday, May 29, 2012

THE LINK - Increase Blog Visitors - Facebook

Facebook is the best social media websites. This website was found by Mark Zuckerberg and launched in Feb 2004 by Facebook, inc.

From table below show the total visits to the websites is 1 642 060 274 and visits share 62.72% for data with position week ending May 26, 2012. The data source from web site www.experian.com. So it's clear if we want to increase visitors to our blog need to link the blog to facebook.

The main content focus to email & messaging, social networks and web appls & online tools. From doubleclick ad planner search this side at the beginning of Jun 2012 we find audience interests table that show in the below table. Base on this table we can review our blog content and compare with this audience interest.

In term of demographic from the chart below we conclude dominant of user have characteristic with age between 35 - 44 old, gender male 52%, education some college 42% and household income $50 000 - $ 74 999 with number 36%. 

Link the blog to facebook can refer to this article.

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