Monday, May 14, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 7 - Focus, Focus, Focus to Customer

What ever you do with your blog, focus on customer. I can build blog overnight, but to have significant traffic that's other story. That's important to focus to visitors. That's not easy to attract them to look at you, aware you or  give their attentions and time for you. Why should they do it for you? So the approach is from their site. We are focus in them, we know them, we know what they want from the blog. This is like bridge to make you link with them. Once we know, we can offer what they want.

You can use any tools that provide to look at and review your viewers. From blogger itself have google analytic, flag counter,  Feedjit or others. These tool provide quantitative number that you can analyse and take conclusion what the viewers want.

I gave the chart below that shown some article have page view with number more than others. So it indicates what viewers want. And that's what we plan and to do, create other article part 2 or some thing related with that article. We don't know exactly what really they want, it's so many variable outside there but from the past or current situation we can predict and deliver to them. The important thing is you need to priority your effort and time for this activity than others. 1 day only 24 hours so need to prioritize and allocate significant time for customer.

Focus on customer not just give what they want but also can give more than what they want. When viewers vote you, you can give vote back them plus add to be follower. If they request to be your friend, you can add as your friend plus give comment to their site. If they give comment to your site, you can give comment to their site plus give your attention to their affiliate / business and so on .. plus.. plus. So many things can do to give more than their expectation.

Some customer give back to you like you do or maybe more than what you do to them, it is important to give back more than what they do so it can be racing and go to have good traffic. If they do just the same and you give more at least give impress them and store positive deposit.  This relationship could be foundation for loyal traffic. So again focus to customer is top priority.


  1. Thanks Wali for another valuable tips. Yes, I'm learning from your blog. Keep it coming!

  2. Thanks give motivate in your blog and in your advice..I learn from your blog from your motivate go forward..success for you