Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 8 - Make Your Blog Eye Catching

To have eye catching blog, I make my blog to be no. 1 in google search engine. Below Wali Share Blog is no. 1 by search using key words ebook trend at this time from about 123 000 000 result. 

First of all, before create title need to check first the popularity of this title. We can just search from Google than we get how money result. From this we can anticipate how tough the competition to be at top rank. More result is given by google search more tough the competition is. So we can simulate first the title impact than we decide.

The success key is choose key word that you want to create to dominate. You need to create some article related with this key words until you find the goal be the top one. I create eBook Trend article until 7 article plus other article talk about eBook.  So makes this key word to be familiar with my blog. More often you submit your article more eye catching your blog for search engine and place your blog in top page. Again focus is powerful. More focus we get more powerful.

In term of headlines, you can add the word make controversy, give add value, empathy or strategic words. So these words are quality word that make attention catching from viewers. You can combine by creating the headlines using font and color that attractive.

In article itself need insert image, chart or graph to catch visitor attention. Image make the visitors attention  more focus to your article. It is important to choose image that have close relationship with the article. At the chart or graph you can put mark with attractive icon to get attention catching from viewers. Combination text and match image make variation to keep visitors attention.


  1. Hello Wali. I'm here again!!
    Your posts are actually giving me so much ideas. Actually I'm not a SEO expert but by reading your posts, I knew I am learning some new SEO thing. Thanks a lot! I'll be coming back.... Success for you too!! Thanks! Ric of