Sunday, May 13, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 5 - Success Vote Rate # 1 is United States

Once you've decided to joint to the communities, you can create an account to be member. I have chosen to joint the  blogger community This web site has facilities like vote, add friend, add follower, best blogger, recent blogger and bloggers by country. As member you have your own dashboard and you can see your profile, activities, friends and people.

This community have vote facility so you can start communicate by other member. What I want to share in this article about my experience how effective our vote base on vote back us. I have experience to vote bloggers from some country. I choose  some countries that their people have been access to my blog. I gave vote up to 120 bloggers of each country or 10 pages vote effort . Some country have number of blogger less than 120 so I vote until maximal number. The key point is about success vote rate, what I define due to this rate is the number of blogger that I vote divide with the number of blogger that voted me back.

This is the result :

From the table, some country have bloggers less than 120 in this community so I put the maximum number that available. At the right column I calculate the rate. 

We see with the number of blogger that I voted 120 votes, the United States gave the highest success vote rate. So from this I can conclude to have more effective relationship and traffic opportunity I will vote more blogger from US, next India and others base on the rank. Of course this is personal statistic with limitation of sampling, time and so on. But at least I have some rational approach that make me believe what I do more effective and efficient.  

We can expand the  review with success friend rate or success follower rate.  Success friend rate I define compare between number blogger to be friend and number of blogger vote back. Success follower rate is comparing between number blogger to be follower and number of blogger vote back. Further we can request to joint the site and give comment to the blog or article.

Again this is my personal opinion, you may have other creative formula and different sampling or result but at least we have rational behind to do more productive. Did with this sampling and statistic I need around three days full time to focus in. We have time limitation 24 hours per day. I can't access to the database so I calculate manual and one by one. Although we are full time blogger it's smart to allocate in more productive way. I will vote again US blogger around 100 votes to have 6 - 7 votes back. Further, these visitors rate will be input for business formula.

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