Friday, May 4, 2012

eBook Trend - part 7 - Multimedia eBook

One of the ebook advantages compared to regular books, ebook can be developed using multimedia facilities. A number of published, ebook not only contains text information and images but also have equipped sound / music and video. Thus the explanation of a subject can be more complete and easy. For example, explanation the motion of a particle can be more easy explained with video than with text or images. eBook content with a combination of text, images, sound, video can be presented better quality and value added.

Some ebook formats are EPUB, HTML, Microsoft Reader, Multimedia EBook and others. Some these ebook format can be read by using Windows, Windows Phone 7, Amazon Kindle Fire.

Info from wikipedia, the pupuler format is EPUB format. This format can be read by Kobo eReader, Blackberry Playbook, Apple's iBooks via iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, Sony Reader, Windows Mobile & Windows Phone 7, Mozilla Firefox add-on EPUBReader and Okular.

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