Thursday, May 10, 2012

Increase Visitor to the Blog - part 2 - Define your Blog Target Market

Define target market is the  business success key. To know target market and find them, the blog traffic will increase significantly. This is what the dream of bloggers. But most bloggers give up because of the low traffic and viewers. It is easy to build blog but need hard work to have good traffic.

Target market can be defined by geography, demography, lifestyle, or others or combination. For example  if your blog related with infolink it should be that your viewers have geography from US & Canada because the advertiser commonly came from US & Canada. Geography is too wide, need to define more specific like base on jobs specification, gender, age, hobby and others. With define this target market more specific have opportunity to create blog more specific and match with this target market. We define the articles that have close relationship with the target market. If blog joint with Amazone, should choose to sell the books that related with the target market. The blog to be designed with style that match too with the target market. So with define target market specific can define the blog more specific too and match with target market. This approach have opportunity to create communication and special relationship and increase traffic.

After define target market need to find where the location of the prospect. Need to search where does community of the prospect. This community can be searched through facebook, twitter, google+ and others. With the search engine machine can search base on product, transaction and services so it has opportunity to find prospect community, forum or group discussion.  

To indicate opportunity of huge traffic, need to review community characteristic, find the most popular subject,  look at how interaction between community members and others. We can introduce our product  that have characteristic that match with the popular subject. If we don’t have, need modify our existing product / services / blog / article to be something more benefit to them. They don’t care to understand us they concern more to what they need. You win If you know and win their concern.

When find the community web site, need to review the characteristic. One alternative to know by using doubleclick ad planner. Thanks to this website, can see further to analyse the prospect. In this web site can put the website domain and see the data related with traffic, gender, age, household income, education and others.


  1. Yes, I agree with what you stated, It is easy to build blog but we need hard work to have good traffic. and yes, we have to study our target market. I haven't tried that doubleclick adplanner. Maybe I should explore that site tonight. Thanks!Ric of Life N Canvas

  2. Thanks Canvas for the site visit..yes, market internet is so large..we need to find our own market..