Friday, May 11, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 3 - Don't Go to Popular Site for Blogwalking

Blogwalking is concept to site visit to other blog. You can go to one blog, look at the blog, read article and give comment. You attach your blog domain and hope your blog will be visited too. Blogwalking for popular site with so huge incoming visit is good for brand image. You have opportunity that many visitors will see your blog domain name too. But in term of the visit back I don't realy sure they will visit back my blog. This is what I mean with the title. With huge incoming visit need to challenge them will they have time and concern to reply post and visit to our blog. I have tried to enter some popular sites and they said please leave comment but have no commitment to replay, if no busy or other argue  will reply.

Blogwalking is concept not just to introduce your domain blog. This is concept how you can deliver add value to them. You give to other blog traffic, page view, vote, be as friend, be as follower and hope they will do the same to your blog. And you do these activities not just ones may be twice and more. And I think the popular site have not enough time to do the same with what you can do to them. 

To add value can be as giving assistance, help their problem or give advice to increase the blog quality. I think the popular site have ability and quality to improve the blog so no need feedback. If they need I think we need advice them with high quality feedback and this is not easy to create and inform them. Maybe you need team and other resource to create this.

So why don't go to unpopular site and give so many added value to them. And you win their concern and you get more traffic. If can solve their problem, opportunity to have loyal viewer.

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