Friday, May 18, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 9 - Commitment to Visitors

Since publish the blog, the visitors is the first priority. The challenge is this is just statement or commitment. I tried to list down some activities below related with interaction with visitors, especially the visitor that have web site too or have relationship in the community.

I list down the activities and how long time I need to do the activities. These activities are activities that I did to visitors. Activities vote its mean I give vote to my visitors in their community. Activity joint google it's mean I come to their web site and to joint their blog.

The time request, I put base on average result from same sampling. And the activities like vote not just the time request for voting but also the page to enter the community, login, access the menu and others that need. The result can give different result depend on response time, community menu itself and others.

The table below I sort base on the quality level of relationship with visitors. The activity like followers will give impact more close relationship compare to just vote. Leave quality message at the visitors blog article give the most close relationship to the visitors and have possibility to create loyal relationship. And this is need more time.

I review these activities and try calculate for 100 visitors. And assume I want to have good quality relationship so I choose the activity no.5 leave quality message. That's need 100 * 20 minutes = 2000 minutes equivalent with 33.3 hours. So in a month for 100 visitors at least every day I allocate my time around 1 hour just for my visitors. This is not include other activity to support visitors like maintain blog, fine tune the design, monitor trafiic and others that make visitors more comfortable.

That's commitment: give priority, give attention, allocate time and interaction with visitors.