Saturday, May 12, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 4 - Web Submitter

Blog traffics depend on how visitors recognize our blog. Commonly they search web site use a search engine by entering specific keywords. That's important to register the blog to various search engines.

Registration can be done to each search engine, but it is certainly not efficient. A more productive way of registering can be done through Submitter Web. By this approach register can reach 40 up to 50 search engines at once. 

The submitter Web that's provide this facilities like:

Below the template registration number of blogs to search engines by using the site freewebsubmission. The registration can be done efficiently, does not need to register your site one by one to each search engine. 

Most search engines accept applications directly when you submit for your blog, some ask for confirmation first. Confirmation sent to your email.


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