Saturday, May 19, 2012

eBook : 9 Ways to increase Blog Visitors


This book is written to share 9 methods to increase the blog traffic. This is important, the visitors and their traffic make blog life and dynamic also to increase opportunity to get more money  as result of monetize the blog.

This ebook is presented in a systematic approach. We present with examples, chart and tables to make easy to read. The  ebook content refer to my  experience when we search, review and implementation all the methods. This is the approach to increase the accuracy of this ebook.

All parts are focus on effort to increase visitors to the blog. Some is easy to implement, some need time to review the result and other need support simple math to support the calculation. I give example and share some quantitative data to make understand easier. 

Price US$ 9 , payment by paypall or alertpay and to order please send email to : The ebook in pdf format and will deliver to your email. For you buy this book, I give free consultancy 1 hour about the ebook subject.


  1. Good to know you've come up with an ebook. you've been doing a great job offering help to other bloggers. keep it up Wali. More success to you!!!

  2. Thanks Ric..for the comment ..btw the title is 9 Ways to increase blog visitors (not investors..sorry and I have corrected in my blog)... like you said in your blog a Cup of Good life..give make I want to share something to the life..More success for you too..