Monday, May 14, 2012

Increase Visitors to the Blog - part 6 - Change Your Strategy

Blog strategy is some thing you decide that have major impact to the goal of your blog. It brings your blog life from 0 to go to what you want. The strategy can be changed and adapt when your goal or blog stages change.

Below is the sample of changing the strategy impact to the number of visitors. 

At stage 1, this is the phase develop the  blog. So focus on define layout, design, choose template and other activity until the blog ready for submitting articles. Focus on blog develop not to accumulate visitors. At this stage the number visitors is low. Strategy is to build and develop blog.

At stage 2, start to invite visitors. One of the strategy could be using automatically surf to attract viewers. This is artificial but can give page view to be growth. 

At stage 3, the blog to be registered for affiliate so the automatically facility to be taken out. And the number of visitors to be dropped and low again. Again strategy need to be changed because change of the blog goal.

At stage 4, strategy to increase visitors change by promote blog to community. This strategy to be implemented by giving more than 1000 votes to the community. And visitor growth again.

This show that need change of strategy to bring the the blog go to the goal. Next strategy need to be defined and be prepared. It could be same strategy with stage 4 but combine with multiple factor. The strategy could be implement to other community or giving other 1000 votes. Or deepening to existing visitors that have been voted or votes your existing visitors network. It's depend with the blog goal. Other strategy could priority vote for recent bloggers in community, vote base on category or you can combine. The important thing the strategy can be traced and quantify ending result. So many choices in building blog. Life is building choices.

Again to growth need change include your strategy.

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