Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to Define eBook Title

EBook title is the first thing  of your communications with prospect beside author's name and title display format. Therefore it is important that this title can provide a positive first impression. 

And more than that the title is important variable for customer as decision to buy. They don't know the ebook content yet. The title to be trigger for their concern, mind and feeling and further for their buying emotional and decesion to  buy the ebook.

Some ebooks provide titles using unique words, attractive, or a sentence that directly offers earn income. The important thing is the title can give an idea of ​​what the eBook content. In today's world with huge competition you need to create eye catching title.

The selection of words in the title can be evaluated in term of unique and popularity of the word or combination of them. Unique words can represent perception of differentiation while the popular word associate with something that have been common. It can be checked using a search engine like google or yahoo. If those words have the few number as search results that it leads to a unique one. And if the word have a lot of number then the words are popular. By combining both you can give the combine impression to prospect.

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