Friday, June 1, 2012

THE LINK - Increase Blog Visitors - Google+

Google+ is social networking owned and operated by Google Inc. 

From table show in this article the total visits to the websites is 16 603 483 and visits share 0.63% for data with position week ending May 26, 2012. The data source from web site

Access to Google+ can refer to this websiteOur blog can be shared from bloggers to Google+ use facility "share".

The Google+ have a number of unique feature. I think the effective one related with visitors is circles. With this feature we have ability to define our customer base on what we want. I can define a group of blogger for all association that related with blogger, ebook group for all customer related with ebook and money online for all customer interest with monetize blog or  I can define base on customer that have past transaction. So we can create many group as we like not just group for friend, best friend, coworkers, classmates as mentioned in other social website. 

To use the circle feature just click the circle code at the left side of Google+ screen. After click, define and edit the circle and then drug the people to the circle.


  1. Google+ adalah salah satu social media seperti facebook, twitter dll. Untuk itu google+ punya fasilitas seperti menambahkan temen2 ke dalam Google+, fasilitas untuk komunikasi dengan teman2, fasilitas untuk upload foto2, fasilitas untuk membuat group teman2 berdasarkan kriteria tertentu dan fasilitas lainnya sebagai suatu social media.