Monday, April 30, 2012

5 Productive Method to Create eBook

1.  Synergy Some Success Story
In this blog I review book "Laptop Millionaire" that informed about earning money online. This book is success and to be one of the Amazon best sellers.   In other articles I review of the book Smart Method invest in Gold as best sellers from largest Gramedia bookstore in Indonesia. This book contains a gold investment by using a pawn instrument. From review both I try to conclude that both talk about how to generate income. So If I try to synergy the two best books find so many idea to be written. 

2.  Success in one field can be applied to other field and Write It. 
     If you have successfully written ebook about making a blog. You can just copy and paste approach to make ebook about making your own ebook or create ebook about trends and so on. Your approach has been proved just copy to continue the productivity.

3.  Just Do It and Write It
Sometimes difficult to find the idea for an article. If face this condition can be solve with the approach through the implementation of a book. Many books contain how to solve a problem or how to generate an income. Just do it what the directions in the book so we will be not only master the contents of the book but also have feeling the real benefits in the field. Based on this you can write your writing base on your experience.

4. Choose one topic that you like then browse as much as you can and you write the parts that you are interested from the standpoint of your thoughts and feelings. Interest in a topic to be great energy to realize your writing.

5. Writing your knowledge, skills and experience. 
    You just start to write about your knowledge, skill or your experience. Because you have sources of the material, you just down load from your self into ebook. You can focus to emphasize certain parts. Or you can develop the emotional touch to the topic.

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