Monday, April 30, 2012

eBook Trend - part 4 - Personal Touch

eBooks advantages compare to book is a ebook cover can be easily modified. Many applications have provided to create ebook cover. Some application so is easy, fast and free that  support significant growth to develop and prepare the ebooks cover. 

For example to loyal customer can send eBook that contain name of the customer. Wow imagine this personal touch! the ordinary book cannot do this. ebook as a gift, Author can add special word in the cover like for birthday, this gift can provide an emotional touch to the customer. ebooks from parents to sons and daughters can be added with a word as parent advice. It's also good to increase the interest of the child to read the existing knowledge on the ebook.

This trend can be further strengthened in the future because of this emotional touch can be adapted by the ebook. The ebook can create very unique. 

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