Sunday, April 15, 2012

Choosing the Blog Topic

Important topic to be determined in preparation for making Blog. The contents of the blog depends on it and when it is determined to be an added value for Blog viewers.

To choose a blog topic can be done by considering the following matters:

1.      Determine the target of the blog. Clear targets is important to direct the resources and to have focus. This target back to each blogger, some are hopes to earn an income with a specific amount within a specified period. Others are for hobby or to develop friendships or to share knowledge. You decide yourself. 

2.      Review your skills and resources availability. Your productivity to prepare block content depend on on your knowledge, skill and experience and your interests. The more productive you produce the content generate more chances of search engines to display your blog.

3.      Determine the added value that will be given to the target market segment and blog viewers. It is important to develop the potential of traffic to your blog. And if your target is associated with money then you list a lot of potential products and services are available and have relationship with this topic. So that later you can do a direct approach to the products and services to increase the revenue.

4.      Register for a number of topics alternative. 

5.      selection of topics based on criteria number 1, 2 and 3 above. Do a SWOT analysis process and give a ranking. You select the top 3 as the information that need your decision.

Thus the selected topics are important to define well, and it could generate significant traffic and achieve the target of the blog.

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