Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chosing Blog Name

When preparing a blog the question arises is what the name of blog. The name of this blog is important to the identity of the blog. Blog name should also be alignment with the vision / purpose built blog. Giving the name should be selected that is easy to remember or pronounce by the community that will be the purpose of the blog. And that is important to avoid choosing a bad name.

Initial step can be done by listing names. Just list to run smoothly all the names without restriction so that more and more alternative names obtained. This is important because if we try to list and do the selection process at the same time may create difficulties in the process of listing the name. The selection process will be done later, the important at this step is we find a list of alternative names.

Approach to selection can be done by selecting the name base on a popular or unique one or a combination of both. For it can utilize the search words such as google, yahoo and others. If the search of those words give the large number so its mean popular and if the number of search less than more unique.  You can add  other variable for your selection.

Based on this you can sort the name list based on the ranking and decide you blog name.

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