Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Create Scroll Bar for BlogArchive

With so many blog posts on the blog, it's look crowded. To simplify can be done by making the scroll bar to archiveblog. Steps to create a scroll bar:

  1. Sign in to design
  2. Select the template
  3. Select Edit HTML> Continue
  4. Check the "Expand Widget Templates"
  5. Search text> </ b: skin
  6. Copy and paste the code below the above text> </ b: skin
          # BlogArchive1. Widget-content {
          height: 300px;
          width: auto;
          overflow: auto;

     7. See the results with the first preview, save the template as  appropriate.

Height of the scroll bar is 300 and can be changed according what you wish. In anticipation of the risk change of codes, it's good to copy HTML first.

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