Monday, April 30, 2012

eBook Trend - part 2 - Indonesia Book Store

Inspired to see indications of the trend by taking reference of the Amazon , I look at to the book store in Indonesia: Gramedia. Gramedia is the largest bookstore in Indonesia today. Gramedia have also an online bookstore. 

We enter to the Gramedia bookstore online and from the category menu I search best sellers books, currently ranked 1 is the book "Cara Cerdas Berkebun Emas" in English "Smart Method to invest in Gold". This book is about investing in gold. Gold investment using instruments pawn. Gold is an inflation-resistant investment and have good history for 14 centuries and can be traded anywhere.

Current situation with world oil prices rising trend could push higher inflation. This lead to increase trend of investing in gold. Similarly, the debt situation some European countries could negatively affect the other countries especially the United States and further can affect the fluctuation of exchange rate of US$. This further strengthens the tendency of people to invest in gold than keep US $.

Interest to see Trend eBook topics in this section compare it with Trend Laptop eBook Millionaire from my other article  show the same pattern in which both discuss about the source of income. The trend of the first is to use the internet and other to use gold. 

On this basis I conclude that the ebook with topic related with generate income to be prospect topic.

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