Monday, April 30, 2012

eBook Trend - part 3: Meet with the Author

eBook basically is the same with book. The different is ebook in electronic format and book using paper. If the contents of the ebook to be printed than the result is the same as the book. 

One of ebook added value is to provide facility discussion with the Author through the electronic facility. This approach can be as differentiation for ebook than regular books. The discussion can be done using facility YM, WebEx and others.  

With this value added, customer can direct discussion with the Author. Customer have more understanding to the contents of the ebook. Customer can discussion more detail and ask about the problem that they faced. And the other side, the Author know better the market situation. Know better their customer.

Based on this, we provide facilities to discuss real time with me as author. For reservations please contact us via email consultation fee is US$ 6 per hour for ebook buyer. Consultation schedule will be confirmed via email and will use Yahoo Messenger facility. 

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