Thursday, April 26, 2012

eBook Trend - Laptop Millionaire

To indicate trend can be determined from the information that representative. one alternative to approach can be done with a representative view of data in the Amazon. Amazon is considering as the largest online sales shop that can be a representative for trend indication.

From Amazon menu can be chosen in the "Best Sellers" and select for the category "Books". Best Sellers means as the most popular book on selling. Based on the data I saw in the month of April 2012, the books are best sellers is "Laptop Millionaire". The rank this book is  4th. The book explains how gradually to earn money online. In this book described how in 90 days or less can replace an existing source of income.

Topic of this book may indicate a trend topic books. Every day thousands of people lose jobs, lose their source of income. Economic development in a number of European countries face debt challenge can reduce the availability of jobs. On the other hand too many people continue to struggle to achieve financial freedom, creating economic forces independently. These factors can reinforce indicative of the trend  topic ebooks is money online.

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