Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anticipate Scam Risk

As in most businesses there is return and risk, internet business have risks too. Among the risks that often happens is scam. For example, many sites are shown to form an affiliate that does not pay.  

To avoid this risk, we certainly do not soon to apply directly for a variety of interesting info that be presented. Logically of course we can ask the income source of this site to pay the member / client. If it is not clear sources of income we certainly important to be careful.

To investigate more deeply we can ask in or search through whether the site is a scam or not . From the data collected we can certainly see the site as a scam or not.

Despite the program free, at least some of our data is shared and have potential to be used as fraud Our time is also an important asset that to be allocated. Immediate action is important but if we can anticipate the risk more than the return, we need to change and search other approach.  

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